There isn’t much here, as you’ll see. “H12 Enterprises” (h12e.com) is how I, Steve Hanlon, do most of my work these days. Sometimes it’s just me, sometimes I’ll put together a team to work on a project and sometimes I’ll join a team to get things done.¬†

There will be some information here about what projects I’m working on, and what I’ve done in the past, along with some technical background… but that will come later.

If you want to get in touch, then I’d recommend dropping me a note via the contact page.¬†Alternatively, connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or perhaps even Facebook. If you’ve been looking me up on LinkedIn then chances are it reflects what I was doing 5-10 years ago (so ignore it, except the bits that say I’m wonderful)

Privacy, etc.

From time to time I do work that involves understanding users and annotating Google Analytics data with useful information. It usually doesn’t include anything that we would call “personal” data in day to day life, it’s mostly anonymous usage data, but it classes as personal. I test some of that code on this site.

Any data that might be stored on this site is just used for testing and is usually just up for a few weeks while I’m trying something out. It usually uses a mix of Google Analytics and Google cloud storage to keep the data. The cloud storage is deleted after 60 days and the Google Analytics data is deleted after 14 months which is the shortest period of time that they allow.